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Ashes to Ashes: The Decaying Nation

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Ashes to Ashes: The Decaying Nation

Post by Luneraga on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:18 pm

Brief History

Long ago there were two countries, Corna and Halysis, who lived in a very delicate balance. They split the continent in half in order to keep peace between them, but the Cornians feel that they were wronged. The land they received was barren and they could not farm. They had deserts to the south, mountains scattered throughout the land, volcano's in the center, frozen tundras to the north and a very unforgiving ocean to the west. There were a few valleys where they built their towns, but the only area livable by the people was right around the kingdom or if they were brave in the desert of ice. On one hand though they had many precious stone's and minerals due to their mine's and a few very exotic plants. Halysis received rich beautiful forests, farm lands and a warm sparkling sea. Food was plentiful for them, but raw materials were not. The countries happily began to trade with one another strengthening the bond, but soon the world grew dark. New comers began to invade their continent; bringing with them diseases and strange creatures. Many people on both sides died and the population dwindled greatly. Corna and Halysis fought together against the outsiders and pushed most away, or so it seemed. The good King Nymphus died of a strange sickness and his son Colubra took the throne of Corna. Colubra did not have the loyalty to his people that Nymphus did and signed a pact with the new comers, betraying the Halysians. Now the war is dying down and Halysis is all but gone. It is believed that their King Cassius is still alive, but most of the remaining citizens have lost hope. It is a dangerous world for the Halysians because they are killed on sight by the outsiders and some of the Cornians. There are a few Cornians though that will harbor them and want to bring back the old ways. A rebellion is beginning and the entire world can be shifted by your decisions.




Eye colors: They have mostly dark colored eyes. Common colors include: brown, black, red, green and dark blue. Rare but not impossible colors: Yellow, Gray, and Purple.

Hair colors: they can have any hair color but the norm is a darker shade.

Body Builds: Strong builds even if they appear sickly they are a very tough race and tend to be taller than 5'5" but in rare cases there has been someone a little shorter but not much.

Unique Traits: Can have horns, animal ears, claws and/or tails. Their skin tends to have a gray tint to it and their eyes glow slightly.

Trade Skills: (pick one, unless you pick soldier or Mercenary, then pick two)



Lumber Jacks





Animal Tamer


Special Attributes:

Can see well in the dark

Very sturdy and resourceful

Mostly Melee based fighting can sometimes learn to enchant items with a particular element



Eyes: Common colors: Yellow, Light blue, Gold, Silver, Green and Pink Rare: Red, White and Purple.

Hair: They can have any color, but the norm is a unique or neon color

Body Builds: very delicate most of the time, farmers are a bit tougher, but most are fragile.

Unique Traits: Their skin has a slight glow to it (any tint you want except black) Sometimes have animistic traits but normally just have a strong aura.

Trade Skills:








Special Attributes:

Their eyes can catch small details.

Not physically tough

They are usually very intelligent and are magic users. Type and skills vary.

Magic Branches:







Mix (jack of all trades but master of none)

Advenians (outsiders): This race may mostly be NPC's unless somebody wants to play one.


Any hair, eye or build.

Unique traits: All have a tattoo on their left arm resembling the Commander they are serving under.


Soldiers (different ranks)

Special Attributes:

They are Telepathic amongst their own race

Commanders can read the minds of other races

Highly trained in combat

Can use a small amount of telekinesis

Do have their own individual thoughts and feelings but their commander can influence them directly.

Commanders have to concentrate to reach each other

Seasoned Commanders are all linked to their General

Playable "Creatures"


Shalouts are winged being’s that appear as guardian angels. They fool Beings and feed off of their emotions. Females feed off of positive emotions leaving the being with only negative emotions and the males feed off of negative emotions leaving the positive feelings. When their victim is used up the male will grow addicted to the sadness of their prey and end up killing it, while the females tend to lead their prey to suicide. Most shalout’s hide what they are and try to blend into normal society, but cant help but to eat the feelings around them to stay young. The younger a Shalout appears the more people they have fed off of and killed.

Their appearance tends to change to whatever their currents prey is attracted to, example: They have black eyes and blonde hair because that’s what their ward enjoys to see. Naturally attractive, they lure in Halysians quite easily, but they scar easily, and it takes a very long time for even minor cuts to stop bleeding and heal. Males can create many different types of medicines and healing items with different ingredients of their bodies, with their tears being the key component. The females can create a variety of poisons; again the key ingredient is tears. This race rarely sheds a tear because they have a high tolerance for pain and they do not commonly grow emotionally attached to anyone, being raised to TAKE whatever they need or want.

Lifespan up to 50 years without feeding daily, otherwise 500 to 700 years

Special Abilities “eats emotions” can fly, grow bird beaks and talons for battle, sense their current prey no matter where they are.

Distinguishing Traits their wings, hair, talons/nails are all the same color. They have two feathers, one under each ear, that move around like ears sometimes, generally give off the feel of nobility, have slits for eyes that turn yellow orange or red

when completely enraged.

Casselta (request if you want to play them)

Ghost-like creatures, they appear as they did with life except if they had wings or anything that differed them from a human it was ripped off when they were “Born”. Casselta’s are born when a soul neither suitable for “heaven” or “hell” is released from its body. They have stitches over their mouth and have no eyes, but they can see due to heat and sound. Luckily after receiving an earring they can communicate with their masters telepathically. There are a few rare cases where the Casselta can talk, and its personality differs from its original being. I.E. if the person dies but the soul was contained, but still separated from the body for a certain time limit before being put back into the body. They wander the earth alone until a being claims them and makes the casselta their servant. The Casselta’s have pointed ears and each ear can have up to 7 earrings. Each of the earrings represent a year of serving when an earring is ripped out they have betrayed that ‘master’. For a weapon they tend to take one identical to their current master’s. They can’t actually be hurt, but their soul can be destroyed if attacked by certain types of magic, these vary from Casselta to Casselta.

These beings are feared greatly by most beings because they believe to bring bad omens. Due to a number of them being ‘owned’ by the Advenians. Time means nothing to them and when they are free of all masters they may travel as they wish, but only in months and years, nothing smaller than days. Though this ability is rather useless most of the time it is nice if they need to review an event of their living years, though they cannot alter it.

Lifespan forever unless destroyed

Special Abilities limited time travel, Can recognize species, when not in physical battle they can make themselves intangible, like a ghost, and they also see with heat and sound.

Distinguishing Traits No eyes, dark clothing, stitches over mouth (most of the time), light and shadow passes through them.

Bios of Important NPC's:

King Nympus

Was a very kind king who fought hard for his people to have better lives. He was always concerned with his people and what they wanted and established the trade with Halysis to improve their lives. He personally trained his soldiers and spent many hours going to visit them and their families. He had two Children his son Colubra and daughter Delphine, who he spent as much time as he could get with them. He always believed in the best of people and was highly encouraging to all who met him. In the history of the country he was the most Magnanimous man they had ever had for a ruler.

Prince (now King) Colubra

He hated his father because he thought it made people look down on him. He hated to hear the praise about his father and desperately wanted to rule. He was approached by a commander of the Advenians and accepted the deal. Without thinking of anyone but himself he poisioned his father and took the rule of the country, leading his people into poverty and depression. He lives comfortably in the castle while his people starve and suffer.

Advenian General Saevus

Not much is known about him except that he is ruthless unforgiving and very persuasive. His telepathy is very developed and can control the minds of other Advenians and tap into the minds of other races.

Missing King Cassius

Its a secret.


No guns but advanced magic and medicines, planes and air balloons may start to appear, but think just before steam punk.

Let me know if you have any questions, I will promptly add more information.

Use a basic Character sheet, and I hope you join!


Luneraga - Diz

Luneraga - Cassius

Kuroneko - Orphelia

Mikirin - Mayim

Light - Iren Kradik


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Re: Ashes to Ashes: The Decaying Nation

Post by Luneraga on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:20 pm

Accepted Character Sheets

Name: Orphelia
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Casselta
Personality: Being almost incapable of expressing emotion, Orphelia keeps to herself. She wanders aimlessly, with no goal or ambition and would likely serve any master faithfully, if only to have some purpose.
Appearance: Orphelia has a delicate build with pale pure skin and long straight white hair. She has elongated ears sticking up through her hair which so far have no earings, showing that she is an independent Casselta. Like most of her kind, she has no eyes and a line of stitches in place of a mouth. Her clothing consists of a long white dress, reaching the ground.
History: Orphelia was a daughter of Halysian nobility and died when her family's estate was seized during the war. Her soul resisted passing into the afterlife and she was reborn as a Casselta. Her previous life quickly faded from her memory, leaving her with only a name.
Other: She has an affinity for Air magic.

Name: Cassius
Race: Originally Halysian changed to [will be revealed later]
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Trade: Missing King
Magic: unknown
Eyes: Secret~
Hair: black
Skin: has a gold tint
Personality: is very kind and caring about his people

Name: Diz Drauka
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Cornian
Trade: Hunter
Unique trait: Teal horns
Eyes: oddly a light teal
Hair: black
Skin: very pale with a grey tint
Personality: Sweet and motherly, she is strong in her beliefs and is fiercely loyal to King Nymphus

Name: Mayim
Race: Halysian
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Trade: Merchant- She sells flowers.
Magic: Water
Eyes: Left- Light blue; Right- green
Hair: Grey with a bluer tint
Skin: Soft blue glow.
Personality: Strong-willed, Articulate, Clumsy

Name: Iren Kradik
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Cornian
Trade: Mercenary/Animal Tamer
Unique trait: Fingernails are in fact small, sharp claws.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan with a grey tint.
Personality: Prefers to keep to himself but isn't opposed to helping those in need
History: The sole son of a hard-working, honest couple, Iren lived with his parents in a town by the kingdom. For as long as he could remember, he was always fascinated by wildlife, and would always study on or observe any animal he could. He lost his father while he was still very young to the war between the Corna and Halysis against the outsiders. His mother took up the responsibility of raising him until one day she abandoned him, sold all her possessions, and ran off with a Shalout, never to be heard from again. Iren never knew what exactly happened to his mother, but assumed that she had found a better life wherever she was. Eventually, he was adopted by a small thieves guild and was taught how to survive the harsh climates of Corna. When Prince Colubra rose to power, many members of the guild openly showed their digust at his betrayal of Halysis. In time, the guild reformed into an effort to try and overthrow the current King Colubra, eventually breaking off into two factions: One who would try and aid the Halysians in anyway they can, and another that tried to overthrow Colubra's tyranny through his assassination. Word of the effort had been tipped off to the King, however, and many of the members were executed minus a few, who are now scattered across Corna. Iren now wanders both the land of Corna and the land of Halysis, attempting to find any Halysian before the men of Colubra do and help them survive.


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