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Breaking Fantasia

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Breaking Fantasia

Post by Shugo on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:10 am

Society in the Ancient World of Fantasia is young. Vast's amount of the World are left unexplored. Recently, after King Aenifer's requests to the Skull and Bones Corp to start up an expedition and funding there research into Technology. Boss Iris (Founder of the Skull and Bones) Has ramped up Exploration to the Max, Building Cruisers and equipping his best Mercenary's with the latest Gear. Word has it you seem to have to be a Re-known Mercenary to even think of getting on one of those Cruisers and leaving Merriden Harbor.

That is if you make it, of course...

The Illuminati, Not so fond of the Skull and Bones are in shock of the recent Royal investment into Technology Research. Swearing to protect the Ancient Secrets of Fantasia, They have set out to discover them and protect them from "Corrupted" eyes.

The Catholic Church set out Adventurers for simple reasons, Spreading of there beliefs and Money. The Church pledge there Allegiance to the Royal Family, but are also slightly offended by the lack of Money put into the Church from there side.

None the less, Politics don't tend to interest you, do they?
You're an Adventurer. You have your own Philosophy and Beliefs.

May you be a Loner type or a Happy go lucky Team player.
Your choice of actions will cause a reaction from the way of the World of Fantasia treats you.
Rumors travel fast.

Good luck.

More TBA, keep an eye on this thread if you wish to partake.

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